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Driving Lesson Prices

We offer a wide range of driving lessons, which pupils can choose from to fit around their schedule.

Prices are worked out by comparison to local schools across our teaching areas, along with fuel costs, inurance and instructor time. Many pupils realise too late that paying for cheap lessons can cost more in the long term. Quality lessons always get pupils to test standard faster!

Why not book a taster lesson - get to know your instructor; get a feel for the car, and ask any questions?

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Driving Lesson Deposit

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Driving Lessons

1 Hour£30£32
1.5 Hours£42£45£3
2 Hours£54£58£4

5 Hour Offer

LessonPriceBuy onlineSave
5 Hours Manual£130
5 Hours Auto£140

Whatever your level of driving skill, you can take advantage of this offer with ADIT.


Block Booking / Pre Paid*

ManualPriceBuy onlineSave
10 Hours£260
20 Hours£530£70
30 Hours£800£100
40 Hours£1060£140
50 Hours£1300£200
AutoPriceBuy onlineSave
10 Hours£280
20 Hours£570£70
30 Hours£860£100
40 Hours£1140£140
50 Hours£1400£200

Save money on the hourly rate by Block Booking you driving lessons! Book your lessons in advance at the times you want. *Terms

Taster / Assessment Lessons Offer*

LessonPricePupil Level
2 Hours£47Beginner
2 Hours£50Partly Trained
2 Hours£52Test Standard
2 Hours£55Full UK Licence
2 Hours£56European Licence
2 Hours£56International Licence

For beginners with no driving experience.


Intensive Course*

5 Day Manual£830£70up to 6 Hours Per Day
40 Hours Manual£1100£100up to 6 Hours Per Day
50 Hours Manual£1370£130up to 6 Hours Per Day
60 Hours Manual£1640£160up to 6 Hours Per Day
5 Day Auto£890£70up to 6 Hours Per Day
40 Hours Auto£180£100up to 6 Hours Per Day
50 Hours Auto£1470£130up to 6 Hours Per Day
60 Hours Auto£1760£160up to 6 Hours Per Day

The best way to get to test standard fast - up to 6 hours per day.


Motorway Driving Lessons

2 Hours£60£70
5 Hours£140£165
10 Hours£280£330

Pass Plus Course

6 Hours£210
6 Hours
Existing Customer
Taster Lesson Offer - ADIT Driving School Staines
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